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We want to hear from you!

 This is a space for community members to share and inspire one another.

All ideas are welcome, this is your space! 

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Local Resources 

  •  CSET: Sequoia Community Corps (SCC), Their mission is to provide young men and women with job training and education while developing their leadership skills and environmental awareness. This is done through community and conservation work projects like recycling and e-waste, energy and weatherization and urban greenery. For more information click here 

  • Visalia Farmer's Market - Support our local food system by providing the public with a wide selection of locally grown produce and handmade products seasonally available year-round!For more information click here

  • City of Visalia - Recycling and Waste Management. By reducing, reusing, and recycling our waste, we are helping to create a cleaner and healthier community for future generations. For more information click here

  • Community Water Center. CWC works to end the drinking water crisis through three core strategies; building grassroots power, communications and advocacy. For more information click here

Call to action

  • Plastic is NOT my cup of tea! Sign petition and urge tea companies to stop using plastic in tea bags

Other Resources  

  • 7 things you didn't know about plastics and recycling 

  • To build a circular economy we need to put recycling in the bin

  • Plastic industry insiders reveal the truth about recycling

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