ReImagine Shop - Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReImagine Shop?

ReImagine Shop is an online and mobile store that provides non-toxic and eco-friendly products. At ReImagine Shop you can Refill everyday products without all the plastic waste, by using and refilling your own containers or getting our ready to go glass jars - and that is a win for our planet!

How does Refilling Works?

Here are our options: - Refill or Bring your Own Container (BYOC) Leave your clean, empty and undamaged containers on your front porch and we will refill for you. If you pick this option, you will pay per once (do not worry, we deduct the weight of the container, so you only pay for what is inside! (see picture above). We are happy to refill any container, it doesn't have to be pretty (but sure it can be!), just funtional. Last, please label the containers so we know what you would like where. - Already Filled Glass Containers Pick your container form our selection and fill with the products you like. Note: Our 32oz. glass jars have imperfections (measurements are a little off) that is why we only charge $1.00 per jar (but remember you only pay for what's inside). We also rescue wine bottles and other kind of glass bottles with lids, we charge $1.00 per glass just enough to cover sanitazion expenses. Our hope is that you reuse and refill those containers again and again!

What kind of container can I use for BYOC?

Any clean, empty and undamaged container with a lid that can hold liquids is great! It does not have to be a fancy glass bottle (but sure it can be!). The idea is to use what you already have!

How does Contactless Delivery Works?

We offer FREE delivery to Visalia residents only. We are a small business and hope to add deliveries to other places soon! If you live outside of Visalia, just send us a message and we will be happy to discuss. We also take other basic precautions to keep everyone safe including washing hands before/after filling, sanitizing jars between uses, and wearing a mask when filling and out for deliveries. Delivery days in Visalia are Tusdays and Fridays.

Why Refill when you can just Recycle?

Unfortunately, recycling is not enough. As consumers we play a much more critical role than we might imagine. In fact, only ~9% of plastic ever made has been recycled.

Here are a few things that you probably did not know about recycling.

  • Not all plastic is recyclable.
  • Not all plastic is created equal.
  • Coffee cups cannot be recycled.
  • You cannot recycle dirty plastic.
  • Recycling plastic downgrades its quality, which means it can only be recycle about 2 or 3 times before it downgrades in value and can no longer be used.

From the clothes we wear to the food we eat; plastic has become a household staple for families and communities around the world. Scientists estimate it takes somewhere between 450 -1,000 years for some plastics to decompose (some argue it will never decompose) Shocking, right? We thought so too. It is essential for us to understand this material. That is why reducing its use and refilling is such an important step to decreasing waste and our overall reliance on single-use plastics.

Source: National Geographic Society Newsroom - 7 Things you didn't know about plastics and Recycling - April 2018.