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How does it Work?

At ReImagine Shop, we want to make sustainability easy, convenient, and affordable. We offer high quality, eco-friendly, non-toxic household products that you can refill as soon as they are needed. Zero waste!
We do not have a storefront. Please place your orders online right here or visiting us at pop-up events.



How to buy in Reimagine Shop Zero Waste

Just follow these easy steps.

We offer contactless, FREE local deliveries to Visalia residents and on all orders over $35.00 for surrounding communities.

You can refill "any" container you already have; it does not have to be fancy or beautiful, just functional! Or use any of the ones available at our shop. 

1. Place a local delivery order online. Please choose your products using any of our options. 

    Option A) Use/Bring Your Own Container (BYOC): Leave your clean containers on your front door/porch; we will refill them for you. 

    Option B) We offer prefilled glass jars that we hope you will refill again and again!! 

2. Delivery: Delivery days in Visalia are Tuesdays and Fridays. 


3. Pat yourself on the back and ENJOY your eco-friendly products! 


With each order, you are contributing to a more sustainable system that you can feel proud of!

COVID-19 – ReImagine Shop is committed to the highest sanitation standards to ensure your health and safety.

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